Monday, August 1, 2011

Emotions in Business : Not business of emotions

Emotions in Business

During our July month, we did three things. 

1. Communicated one bad message to our partner. 2. Negotiated with one of our future valuable client. 3. Articulated our feelings to our customer.

They are not common or recurring every month. While discussing about our performance and measurement of our progress, these important activities are evoking emotions. Our chairman Senthilkumar, demonstrated his leadership abilities.

The communication to our partner, that he is not adhering “our” methods and not showing interest and therefore , he need to take rest for sometime, is one of the challenging task. There are question, “why me?”, “how do you say so?”, “it is your perception”, etc. He actually inspected all the data, communication, level of breach, deviation from standard. He answered all the questions. Then he communicated. He stood by his decision. In business, it is most important character.

The negotiation with our client, went on and on and on. It is happening for the last couple of months. The explanations, the measures, the approach, the action plan, the expectations, the micro activities were explained over phone and in person. Chairman took very responsible role. He started analyzing before meeting the customer, preparing himself for any fluid situations. The client accepted our norms, terms and conditions. This happiness short lived, when the client is not responding to our communication. Be it oral or written. The resource allocation to the project met a block. The budget and planning went spiral. This actually created a confusing emotion. The change in customer activity, affected our emotional balance. Of course, we discussed and concluded on our future action plan, but the situation demanded emotional balance, before taking any decision.

The third one is very different as we always not able to express our feelings to the customer. It was interpreted as against “customer relationship”. Helikx have different relationship. We treat customer as our own partner in growth. We express our happy as well as hot feelings. Chairman, expressed his feelings to our old customer, who requested extension of our services.

Emotions in business throw different challenges. 

We learn and we adopt new possible solutions.

Helikx purpose is again reinforced. 

New thinking, New possibilities, Simplified solutions.

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